Meet my new typewriter, vintage china… and, um, butter churner

Last Sunday, I spotted an army green typewriter at a car boot sale,
decided not to buy it and then regretted it as soon as we left.

This Sunday, the other half went ‘booting’ on his own and bagged
this lovely blue (and still working) typewriter. The boy done good!

We’ve also (for reasons some of you might guess) been collecting
more vintage china – from car boots, charity shops and junk places.

These little beauties came from a charity shop… the insides of them are so pretty.

A little yellow lady… me in another time perhaps?

The fox-owl-cat guards some of our new finds…

We’ve also been acquiring some vintage suitcases of which my favourite
is this Spartan number… I think we should use it for our mini moon.

And we found a little 3D view master…

With a reel of brilliant bird images.
Love this one so much!

As well as the car booting, I bought us this rather gorgeous drinks set
from Thrift-ola… if you haven’t checked out Leona’s new shoppe, you should!

I also came across this yellowy vintage teapot in Curiouser and Curiouser.
I’d only gone in to get some baker’s twine but how could I resist?

And in a junk shop in Glasgow, I found a vintage butter churn!
A crazy looking thing that  I just fell in love with…

No idea if we’ll ever try and churn butter with it of course!Between now and the wedding, we’ve got quite a few more booting
mornings planned, I do wonder what we’ll come home with next?


Found any lovely thrifty finds yourself lately?