You've been framed…

4 Mar

First, some good news: we sold our old flat.
Which is such a relief I can’t tell you.

But it has caused a slight problem* as…

I now have all my prints and art from both flats.

So this weekend, inspired by the following gorgeous displays,
I’m going to have a go at grouping some of our pictures.

(If you hear a loud yelp in Edinburgh,
it’ll be me hitting my thumb with the hammer.)

5151169640 abfac33fd0 b You've been framed... How gorgeous is this display? I love that isak print!

dsc 73531 You've been framed... Amazing colours… in this pop-up shop.

6293815 crendsr4 c You've been framed... Love the idea of using trouser hangers.

I’ve tried this with bulldog clips in the past but we obviously
have the heating on too much… as the prints started to curl up!

img 1058 You've been framed... I also adore this clipboard idea

halligan9 You've been framed... Love this staircase display

Yes, I have spotted it has maps and globes in it!

stairs You've been framed... And a super cute staircase wall display by the seventy tree.

I love the blackboard speech bubble. So clever.

greybear You've been framed... I was extremely lucky to recently win one of her
gorgeous bear prints – another one for the display!

Ok, now where did I put that hammer…


1. nicoletter via pinterest 2. Kate Spade via life style etc
3. apartment therapy via pinterest 4. smile and wave
5. design sponge 6. seventy tree 7. seventy tree shop


*when I said ‘slight problem’
I may have been exaggerating!

pixel You've been framed...