Because it's a heart-shaped Monday…

Here’s a bit of a confession:
we don’t do Valentine’s Day.

Well, not really.

In our many years together,
we have done the 14th of Feb
a few days before or after,
a week early, a week late,
but hardly ever on the actual date.

We’ve skipped cards, presents,
dinner dates and flowers.

Not out of any sort of protest
(though I’m not a huge fan of Clinton Cards)
but just because we’ve always liked
doing things on our own terms.

I much prefer ‘I love you’s on every other day.

All that said, I have adored Aesthetic Outburst‘s
20 Valentines in 20 Days. Especially the heart medals.

Bit late to share it I know but I guess that’s in
keeping with the way I keep Happy Heart Day!

P.S. For a Valentine’s post that will make you cry,
visit Red Boots. (But remembered I warned you.)

Love to you all
365 days a year
and then some xx


All images via the ace Aesthetic Outburst.