Weddingnesday… stuck on repeat

Here’s a few of the wedding-y things that are going round
and round in my brain, driving me vaguely insane…

(Let’s start with a nice one.)

(a) shoes… especially these

(b) budgets… boring but true
(cute purses though right?)

(c) eeek, we’d better start writing our vows

(d) why oh why am I growing my hair again?
(and will it ever look anything like this?!)

(e) first dances… love this pic!

(f) what are my bridesmaids going to wear?
(love the ice-cream colours of these dresses)

(g) what am I going to wear?
(I do have a dress but I keep thinking what if… and that what
if always leads me to something sparkly. Magpie syndrome!)

(h) Flowers and would it be too crazy to do my own?

(i) crafty plans, diy dreams, sourcing
of odds and ends… aka the fun bit

(j) everything else… drinks, toilets, suits, accommodation,
buses, music, food, cake, decorations, favours, rings,
hen dos, hair dos, must dos, must not dos

As fun as some of all this is, I would like my brain back.

Do I have to wait until I become a Mrs for that?


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