Baking, making and being spoiled… a wee xmas recap

I was an exceedingly lucky girl this Christmas.

(I’m pretty lucky at the best of times
but this occasion involved presents!)

I got lots of lovely things, too many to share,
but here’s a few iphone pics of my favourites.

This is my buffalo print from my Dad and his girlfriend.

(It’s by Paul of Navarone in case you’re wondering.)

It’s a. gorgeous and yellowy,
b. taps into my Japan obsession
and c. just makes me laugh.

My other half gave me this tiny bunting dish
(from a place in Glasgow) to keep my jewellery in.

I like it too much to put anything in it.
(I’m strange like that!)

I also got this wonderful typewriter necklace
by boygirlparty from my Dad’s girlfriend.

It’s my ‘oh hi, did you know I’m a writer’
necklace and I’m pretty chuffed with it.

My little sis got me this super gorgeous wedding book.

I’ll share a few of the DIY suggestions this Weddingnesday.

A good friend got me this yummy posh jelly book.

We can’t wait to try and make one of them…

… but I’m betting our first attempt will look nothing like this!

And now to share one of my
absolute favourite presents:

My adorable fox picture handmade by my little cousins.

Isn’t it absolutely fantastic?

(I think they might have been reading my blog!)


Of course my little cousins weren’t the only ones being crafty…

As I mentioned before, we had loads of Craftmas plans.

And we sort of, nearly, kind of made them happen. Eventually.

This is me at 2am on Christmas Eve Eve,
stitching away on my handmade cards.

This is the start of our ‘perch on a mug’
gingerbread houses production line…

Baked house segments… it was so hard not to just eat these!

One of the first assembled gingerbread villages…

And yay… proof that the gingerbread houses do perch on mugs!

Last but not least, the snowmen pinatas we made for my wee cousins.

My other half made the ‘shells’ and I did the illustrations.

He’s threatening to make more next year so
I better work on my drawing skills by then!

Hope you were all suitably spoiled too?
(Did any of you manage a very crafty Xmas?)