Happy best year ever…

So 2011. Otherwise known as the year of our wedding.

Pretty much as soon as the bells struck people
started shouting ‘you’re getting married this year!’

But with 364 days when we’re not getting married
I’m hoping that lots of other exciting things
are going to happen to us this year too.

This will be our first year when we’re not doing major DIY
so we’ll get to find out what life is like without paint,
wallpaper paste, caulk, plaster and dust.

(We won’t be totally DIY free though – as there’s still lots
of wedding DIY to be done but let’s skip over that detail!)

It’s also nice to get a bit of a fresh start.
The second half of 2009 was in a word: tricksy.
Some really great things happened to us but some
not so great, non-bloggable things happened too.

So it’s nice to draw a line under it all and say well, that
was then and this is now. Onwards, upwards…

Basically, we’re hoping for our best year ever, not just the best day ever.

And if none of our plans pan out, well, we still have a mini moon
and then hopefully a honeymoon to Japan to look forward to.

Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s hoping it’s your best yet.


(calendar via spreadthelove)