Life inside a snow globe…

On Saturday, it started snowing…

It’s now Thursday and it hasn’t stopped.

I feel like I’m living in a snow globe.

Just as well I bought myself mittens last week.

On Saturday, me and my mittens went to visit a potential new wedding venue.

(I was planning on doing a Weddingnesday post about it
this week but time has just run away with me.)

Anyway, on the way there we met these frosty fellows…

There were three adorable baby Highland moos too…
but the adult cows kept blocking them whenever
we went to take a picture. Darn.

On Sunday, we got up to this view…

Our plan had been to go visit the Castle but it was shut due to the snow.

So we went to the park instead.

It looked so pretty and serene.

But with all the squeals and shrieks
from sledgers, it was pretty noisy.

We wished we had a sledge.

Until we spotted this little old woman…

At a surprisingly fast speed, she was driving round the frozen pond,
throwing bits of old bread and being chased by swans.

And hooting with laughter all the way!

As the swans were distracted, I took the opportunity to do some snapping.

Swans are much taller than you think they are… which is only
vaguely disconcerting when you’re taking their pic!

Then we went off for a small snowball fight
and contemplated making a snowman.

Good scarf huh?

I can’t remember what me and this snowman
are looking at… it was maybe the sun setting.

Which made for a beautiful view on the way home.

(After 4 days more of snow, this street is much, much snowier now!)

Hope you’re all not too snowed-in/stuck/disrupted by it all.

I want it to last until the weekend so I go out and play in it…
even if I still haven’t found my wellies yet!