Because it's (a rainy) Monday…

So it’s another rainy Monday…

The perfect weather to mark the end of my really rather rainy staycation.

We went up North (and got rained on).

We went to museums (and got rained on).

We went to exhibits (and got rained on).

We choose one day to stay at home and do diy… the one day it didn’t rain.

The day we choose to go spend my birthday money it rained so much that my jeans absorbed ALL the water on the pavements and were wet past my knees!

But what do you expect with a holiday in Scotland in November?

But even with our continual soakings, we had an absolutely great time.

In fact, I would trade you sitting at my work desk for stomping about with the OH in the pouring rain right now.

(As long as I get to have a hot cup of tea and a fruit scone with raspberry jam afterwards!)

1. Ashley G (spotted here) 2. Ashley G (via here) 3. via Victoria’s Vintage 4. via 5. The Butter Flying (via here) 6. The Butter Flying