Halloween + Birthday = Birthoweenday

What do you get when you cross a birthday with Halloween?

(Other than a lifetime obsession with all things spooky and scary!)

You get a ‘birthoweenday’!

(A huge thanks to Lisa-Marie for coming up with my new favourite word!)

So to celebrate my birthoween weekend – yeah, we’re spreading out the fun for as long as we can – I thought I’d share with you some Halloween treats.

First up, I’ve just discovered Sweet Paul and I absolutely adore his Halloween styling…

I mean how pretty do these painted pumpkins and ghostly bunting look?

Ok, the cozy knitted skull isn’t as cute but it’s pretty cool…

And I’m loving the witch’s ingredients bottles…

But most of all I’m head over heels for his pumpkin styling (has anyone said those two words together before??).

A Louis Vuitton pumpkin… amazing!

And a diorama pumpkin… well, sir I salute you!

But he’s not the only with an exceedingly cool pumpkin on the go…

How adorable is domestikated‘s little house pumpkin?

It makes me feel all aglow just looking at it!

And of course you can’t have a birthday, I mean birthoweenday, without cake!

And how cool is this ‘bat cake’ (spotted via A Cup of Jo)? It looks like a Halloween version of a black bottom cupcake… yum!

Have a wonderfully wicked Halloween weekend everyone xx

First pic via weheartit.com