Weddingnesday… and the hallowedding

One of the first things a lot of friends said when we first got engaged was: “Oooh you could have a Halloween wedding!”

Now this might sound a little odd – but if you know me outside of the blogworld, then you’ll know I’m crazy about Halloween.

Well, crazy might not be the right word… maybe fanatical… hmmm, that doesn’t sound much better.

Basically Halloween makes me happy.

There’s pumpkins to carve, costumes to create, Michael Jackson’s Thriller to dance to, spooky sweeties to gorge on… oh yes and my birthday.

But a hallowedding? I drew the line at that.

(Plus I would have my wedding anniversary and birthday rolled into one!)

Then I caught sight of this gorgeous wedding on (who else?) Rock n Roll Bride

And I must admit I’m a little jealous – it looks like such a great fun day/night!

I absolutely adore their location too… I think my OH would be ecstatic to have a wedding that involved dinosaurs!

What do you think? Would you have a Halloween wedding?