Friday I’m in love… with Autumn

Ok, so it wasn’t that long ago I was bemoaning the end of Summer but I really do love Autumn. Mainly because it’s nearly time for Halloween, Bonfire Night and, oh yes, my birthday. (Whoop!)

So when a very charming Helen from Most Wanted got in touch to ask if I could come up for a few things under £50 for their Autumn Styling Challenge, I thought it sounded like fun.

So here’s my Autumn adds that I would pick to brighten up my home if I had a few more pennies:

1. This gorgeous owl cushions from Roddy and Ginger… partly because most of our cushion are dressing our for sale flat. I miss having funky cushions to recline on – or to hide behind when I’m watching Dexter!

2. Pretty coloured light flexes from Rockett St… because a little pop of colour on a grey day or a dark night can’t be a bad thing.

3. A Pet Sounds tea towel from To Dry For… because it matches my hall wallpaper (and because you can’t dry your dishes with wallpaper!).

4. A wee mountain (or two) by Hilary Grant to brighten up my white duvet cover.

5. This gorgeous screen print by Nikki Williams which reads “A house full of teacakes is a happy one”… because it makes me smile.

6. This amazing Squirrel Tea Cozy from Fuzzy Logic Felt… because it would not only keep my teapot warm but co-ordinate with my green tea!

7. This Sleeping Foxes print by Dee Beale… because doesn’t it make you feel cosy and snuggly?

8. A Snail Plate from Welcome Home… Why? Because I have no doubt that this (complete with a cupcake) would make me grin from ear to ear on dreich, blustery day (there’s a few of those in Scotland!).

9. More fairy lights from Habitat… to make our place sparkle a bit more when it’s dark outside. Currently my favourite ‘string’ is wound round the top of our yellow 4 poster bed which makes it look like our little den.

10. And finally (breaking the rules here!) if money was no object, I would get one of these…

… a Donna Wilson House blanket! (Hint: this costs a quite a lot more than £50!) I have one her mini blankets at home and it’s fab for putting over you when watching TV but a bit too small (perfect for the cats to cuddle up in though!). So this one would be extra cosy and you can put it over a clothes horse to make a house… amazing!

Have a lovely Autumn weekend my dears x

First pic via here