Friday I’m in love… with impossible things

1. We will finish the kitchen floor by Sunday night.

2. We will finish the whole kitchen by my birthday. (Which is soonish.)

3. We will get another note of interest on the flat super soon so we can go to a closing super soon. (If you know someone who wants to buy in Edinburgh, do send them our way!)

4. I will learn to relax. (I had my first acupuncture session on Monday night and was surprised at how zen I felt afterwards.)

5. I will stop giggling all the way through my burlesque dance class. (I think that’s helping me with 4 though.)

6. I will not eat more than my share of the custard creams in the custard cream tin I bought from M&S. (The most impossible thing of all!)

What impossible things are you all hoping for my lovelies?

(Maybe we can will them all to come true together!) x


P.S. How much does my custard cream tin on my new white worktop look like a product shot? Quite impressed with that!

Gorgeous papercut via the talented mr Yen