My first batch of black bottom cupcakes…

A few weeks ago, the postman brought me something much nicer than the usual bills and junk mail… the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book.

Up until we began speaking to bakers for our wedding, it hadn’t dawned on me just how many types of cupcakes there are. And then upon opening on this lovely baking book, I discovered even more pretty, spongey, gooey goodness!

The dilemma became… what to bake first!

Red velvets are already a favourite of mine (thanks to their involvement in our engagement). My little sister (up for a visit from London) pointed out the green tea cupcakes. The OH spotted the raspberry cheesecake brownies.

And then we saw Black Bottom Cupcakes. They sounded insane. Double chocolate sponge with a cheesecake centre… and cream cheese frosting!

Were they too much of a challenge for my first bakeathon? Perhaps vanilla was a safer bet. My sis vetoed this. So Black Bottoms it was!

So we got to mixing the ingredients…

And you gotta break a few eggs to bake a cake…

… making the cheesecake part… which at this point seemed so liquidy we were sure we’d done it wrong!

But everything came out of the oven, all baked and smelling amazing… even if they didn’t quite look like they did in the book!

And then while they cooled, we made up the cream cheese frosting… hmmm.

Even though we stuck to the recipe, our batch came out as 10 cupcakes – not sure how we managed that!

We dropped most of the batch at my Dad’s… and the majority of them were swiftly demolished, which we took as a good sign!

So all that was left was to try one with a cup of green tea…

… and god, they were good. They taste just as insane as they sound!

Since baking these, we’ve been gone a little baking crazy and made our first ever loaf of banana bread, some dark chocolate brownies and some spiced apple loaf.

Next on the list… maybe some strawberry cheesecake cupcakes! Yum!