Weddingnesday… and then there were fireworks…

Every year we make a special effort to go to Guy Fawkes night, light a sparkler or two, and go ‘oooh’ as explosive pyrotechnic devices burst into light and colour.

Why? Because 5th November was our first ever date.

We were both very young. He thought I was the craziest person he’d ever met.

I thought he had the most perfect half moons on his nails I’d ever seen.

Neither of us had any idea that this was it for us.

That this person holding your hand on a pitch black, smokey Autumn night, well, they’re yours for life.

(Even if it will take the both of you years to realise it.)

So – many, many years later – you can imagine our delight when we realised that our new home (well, 2 years old now) had a perfect vantage point for not only Edinburgh’s Hogmanay fireworks but also for the end of the festival fireworks.

This year, the OH’s family came through to Edinburgh, we switched off all the lights and sat in the dark, our faces lighting up with each explosion (and the light from my camera!).

And I thought how lovely it would be if we could afford to have fireworks at our wedding…

Maybe even a little one, just to say goodbye to everyone as they head home.

It would be like everything coming full circle.