Friday's giveaway… Moleta Munro

10 Sep

Back in December 2008, I wrote a Christmas list for Santa, which featured a certain Pinocchio rug stocked by Moleta Munro.

Based at the end of the Royal Mile, next to the lovely Lickety Splits, Moleta Munro is a one-stop-shop for design porn. (I was go to say loveliness but the actuality is it’s design porn!)

They sell such drool-worthy stuff as this Bold & Noble print…

full1 Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

And these gorgeous Donna Wilson fox cushions…

515 large Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

And the supremely fab Carrie bike basket (which I have in white)…

1 large Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

For the giveaway, Moleta Munro are offering up an Anorak Kissing Animals picnic blanket…

an03 Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

… and a super cute giant pencil sharpener pencil holder by Suck! (Try saying that one fast!)

sharp 500 Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

To win today’s giveaway, here’s what you have to do…Visit Moleta Munro, pick which picnic blanket you would like, then come back here and leave me a comment saying which ‘kissing animal’ print you want.

The winner will be chosen at random next Friday – and will win the blanket of their choice and the pencil holder too! (A double prize!!)

If you’re one of my Facebook fans, you can also leave your comment there. Follow me on twitter? You get an extra vote for tweeting about the giveaway!

Good luck Friday folks!


Thanks to Moleta Munro, today’s winner will be receiving an Anorak Kissing Animals picnic blanket… and a giant pencil sharpener pencil holder!

So over to Mr Number Generator…

mmwinner Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

And he’s picked 86! Number 86 was tweet number 3 who was…

tweetwinner Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro

That’s Elizabeth from Rosalilium who said in her blog comment…

“Ooooooh, stop it….it’s all too good and tempting and lovely. Right, I think I would pick Kissing Stags, but any of them would be gratefully received. This would be perfect now that me and the boyf are broke – we could entertain ourselves with all-season picnics! I am afraid I am now covet that Bold & Noble print too…”

So well done to Elizabeth… get ready for some all season picnics!

pixel Friday's giveaway... Moleta Munro