Friday I'm in love… with birthdays and giveaways

A week today is this blog’s birthday.

It’s hard to explain to people who don’t blog just how much of a difference blogging has made to my life.

I’ve ‘met’ so many lovely, wonderful, supportive people… and your opinions, suggestions and general banter make me laugh, giggle, grin, and occasionally furrow my brow as I go ‘huh?’!

(I’ve also met some of you in real life too which proved that you really were wonderful and lovely!)

But there’s more to it than that…

Blogging has made me a much braver, happier person.

It’s hard to explain here but when I started blogging I wasn’t in the best place.

But a couple of years have made a HUGE difference. I can’t even put into words just how much happier I am now than I was back then.

Of course it’s not all down to blogging…

(There have been a lot of other changes in my life too!)

But it was this blog – and all your lovely selves – that first got me smiling again.

Your comments and blogs reminded me that life was a little more shiny, sparkly and hopeful than it seemed to be. For that, I will always be thankful.

Ok, so enough of the sappy, emotional stuff… on to the fun bit!

Because of all this, I wanted to do a little something to celebrate…

So starting next week, some of my favourite crafty types and shops based here in Scotland are very generously giving away some rather lovely things!

They are in order Miso Funky, Hannah Zakari, Showpony, Gillian Kyle, Moleta Munro, The Red Door Gallery, Cut Copy Create and Emily Hogarth… and there will also be a special prize package made up by yours truly and my OH!

If you’re a regular here, you’ll recognise the names as I’ve blogged about them before… and they’re all ace.

I’m very excited about this so hopefully you all will be too… I just wish I could win everything too!

Happy Friday everyone – see you Monday for the first giveaway xx

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