Weddingnesday… are you still getting married?

“Oh my god, I thought you’d called the whole thing off!”

This was a friend’s reaction recently to the non-enthused response I gave about our wedding planning.

Non-enthused, not because we’ve cancelled the wedding, but because we haven’t done any wedding planning for, well, nearly a month.

Cue slightly concerned looks from some friends and family… who didn’t look comforted by our ‘it’s not until next year’ rationale.

The truth is though it’s been quite relaxing giving ourselves a break from wedding planning. I mean we have a date, a venue, a band, a baker, a person to marry us, a potential dress (hiding in my side of the wardrobe), a list of people the OH’s mum wants to invite to the wedding… and we’ve nearly finished our save the dates. And we think we’ve found what will be my wedding ring!

That’s a lot right? Even if we did no planning between now and next June, we could still have a wedding!

So in the spirit of relaxed wedding planning, how lovely, chilled and/or blissfully happy do these weddings look?

(via Once Wed)

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(by Kris Atomic spotted via A Cup of Jo)

And on a post on relaxed, fun weddings, I couldn’t not mention Hannah’s from Seeds and Stitches

Her and her mister recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary and she wrote this fantastic post on weddings and being married. Her brilliant advice to brides and grooms to be is something I think I may be re-reading a few times before now and I do…

“The most important part of the day is about making this insane (and it is insane) lifelong commitment to each other, of declaring your love to each other amongst the support and love of your family and friends around you. And having a good party. The other stuff, the details are secondary. Not unimportant, especially if you are a creative person, but secondary. And marriage rocks. It is incredible. But it isn’t easy. However, if you are both willing to look at yourselves in the mirror sometimes and say ‘I’m being a stubborn twat’ (really, very important), and if you’re both willing to compromise and talk it out, really talk, about everything, then in my experience the best is yet to come.”

Happy chilled Weddingnesday everyone (especially to Hannah!)

Intro pic via Amanda Pulley