Friday I'm in love… with Norway

Well, not really Norway so much as my lovely friends who live there…

They moved back to Oslo, abandoning us Scottish folks for better weather and higher booze prices, in 2008.

This was our 3rd visit over to see them (you might remember pictures from last year of their yellow house and the gorgeous cabin)… but this was our most exciting visit yet as we were off to meet their new baby!

Just like her Mum, she’s entirely gorgeous and utterly adorable…

And put up with us adults doing SingStar and generally being daft without complaint! The OH brought along his Flip HD camera that I got him for his birthday… which means there’s now video evidence of SingStar-ing and me trying to prove how Scottish I am by attempting a Highland Fling on their balcony. (Can’t remember why… there was no alcohol involved there!)

Luckily I had my trusty SLR with me to take some shots back!

It was also the last holiday of my other friend before she has her first baby… so there was quite a lot of baby/giving birth/pregnancy chat on the go. I now know maybe more than I should on the subject!

Obligatory shot of their dog… just to prove he’s not been forgotten now there’s a baby! I had those big eyes looking up at me whenever I had food as he knows I’m a soft touch for dropping a little crisp for him every now and then…

And some pics from our lazy day at Frogner Park

It’s this gorgeous park with some very strange statues in it – mostly of angry naked men and women.

The angry baby statue… thankfully this was the only angry baby of the trip!

The bad hair day statue… not sure if that’s what they call this but it seems like a good name.

And the, eh, fighting couple… thankfully there was none of this on the trip either!

But despite the angry statues, it’s a great place to chill out, sunbathe a little and attempt a conversation with someone who’s only 3 months old!

And to end on a happier pic… here’s the love heart I dropped in the grass. Mmm maybe the dog is right about me dropping food!

Happy Friday everyone xx