Friday I’m in love… with our crafty felt rug

We’ve always fancied having a Pinocchio Rug but it’s a little on the pricey side. Then the other weekend I spotted two rectangular Pinocchio-rug-alikes tucked away on a bottom shelf at the back of our local Paperchase.

They had no packaging or price on them but I was pretty sure they cost less than the £100s the real thing does. After half an hour of fruitless searching on the system, the poor checkout girl decided to just make up a price… £40 each.

“What are you going to do with them?” she asked, “Put them on a wall?”

“Eh, no, I’m going to make a rug.”

She looked at me like I had suggested something insane…

“I’m going to sew them together to make a big rug,” I tried to explain. This still did not seem to be a suitable response.

Anyway, on getting them home, it became obvious that we’d need a third rug.

One email and call later to Paperchase and a very helpful man explained that I had rather drastically underpaid for my first two rugs… and to get a third I was going to have to spend the same as I did on the first two. Oh, well!

So we sewed the rugs together…

… but you can’t sew in our flat without attracting the attentions of the Fox-Owl-Cat. (Left to her own devices, she will try to eat the thread and it’s not pretty trying to pull that back out of her mouth!!)

The (nearly) final thing… Just a little sewing still to go, leaving that bit to the OH as he’s much better at sewing than I am. Of which the following is evidence:

These are the fleecy cloud ‘snooze’ cushions the OH made me for Xmas (which I’ve been meaning to show for ages and then forgetting)…

Aren’t they fab? Their expressions made me laugh so and – along with my wolf suit the OH and my sis made me – were certainly a very cool present surprise.

Hope you all have a good weekend – I’ll be helping building a kitchen, working on a writing project for Sunday, and hopefully catching up on some sleep… life has me beat at the moment!