Kitchens… my other obsession

God I love this kitchen… the integrated handles, the little cubbyholes, the shiny, bright whiteness…

Yup along with my ‘slight’ wedding obsession, I have a ‘getting a new kitchen’ obsession again.

It’s pretty much the last thing to do in our dusty old flat (other than putting a fireplace in the living room) and then we’re done.

Up until recently we couldn’t face having workmen etc back in the flat and having life disrupted again… so we’ve made do with some freestanding bits and bobs from Ikea and Habitat… but after planning a wedding and looking at the costs involved (eeek!) suddenly putting in a new kitchen seems really easy!

So here’s a few of my favourite kitchen references of the moment… I don’t think our kitchen will end up as ‘interesting’ as these but who cares, I’ll finally have a kitchen!

How fab are the round hole door handles… also crushing on the green table just a bit!

Love love love the yellow… not sure it’s that sanitary to have your cat on the worktop though!

Ooooh… I think that’s all I have to say on this one!

This one is maybe more ‘normal’ than the others but if I woke up tomorrow to discover the kitchen fairies had put this in my flat, I’d be pretty happy!

All yummy kitchens found via one of my fav blogs: The Seventy Tree