Weddingnesday… it's original because it's ours

In the last two weeks, the OH and I have gone from having nothing in place to having quite a lot in place.

We now have a band, a venue and a date.

We’ve been speaking to caterers, bakers, photographers.

We’ve sussed out how we want our invites to look.

We even know a thing or two about the decorations.

And I’ve been trying on wedding dresses.


In amongst this I’ve been making lists.

(I make a lot of lists generally. It helps keep me sane.)

Lists of things we would like to have at the wedding.

And then I got concerned.

Were the things original enough?

Were they different or special enough?

The OH just smiled at me.

“It’s our wedding. That’s original enough.”

Sometimes he knows exactly the right thing to say.


Image via Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride