A deer wedding…

Now we don’t want a dear wedding…

But a deer wedding? Well I could handle that!

So how about a deer fascinator from pretty good things to perch on my head?

And a cuter than a button deer clutch from robotjules to carry… well I’m not sure if brides are meant to have clutch bags to carry stuff but who cares?

The OH could wear a deer tie from Rok Gear

We could have a wedding invite like this one I spotted here

It also reminds me of 500 Days of Summer!

And we could munch these tasty looking cupcakes from baked nyc (or more likely get someone closer to home to make them!)

What do you think?

I did search for a deer print wedding dress but it seemed a step too far!


P.S. Thanks for all your comments on last week’s Weddingnesday post… the only reason I’m keeping what we’ve got planned quiet is in case we can’t make it happen. We don’t want people going yeah it was a great day but shame you could do that other thing! I’m sure I’ll tell you all something as soon as we have some things set in stone!

P.P.S. I mentioned my friend’s wedding the other day – and then totally forgot that she’s still away on her mini-moon (I love that expression!) So I’ll hopefully do a post on her lovely day next week when she’s back.