8 days of summer…

For some reason I’m not really in the mood for blogging right now. Think there’s just too much going on in real life at the moment. (Not in a bad way, just in a takes up all my time way.)

So instead here’s a few of the OH’s iphone highlights from the past week…

Our two cats queueing in the living room… We don’t know why!

Just after taking this pic, we went off to the Made in the Shade Springtime Jamboree and bought, amongst other things, a lovely tea towel by Gabrielle Reith.

The owl and pussycat on it so remind us of our cats!

This was also my 3rd week of having braces…

… as everyone keeps saying, you can’t really see them when I smile as they’re white but they’ve been taking a bit of getting used to.

Tomato ketchup is out in case it stains. Chewing ain’t so easy either so pizza, pretzels, apples and carrots are no-no too.

Which means I’ve been eating mainly beige soft foods like a toddler.

Oh the glamour!

In an attempt at eating healthier, we planted a window box…

… with some sort of herbs. We’re hoping once they grow enough, we’ll be able to work what on earth they are.

And just so the cats didn’t feel left out, we grew them some cat grass as well.

As you can see they were mildly unimpressed… but it did allow me to eat some chocolate mousse. (The braces can handle that!)

We also spent some of the week deliberating over floor samples…

We came to the conclusion that our favourite were these – but did we like the red or the grey best?

And how the heck are you meant to decide these things based on a tiny tiny sample?!

However the highlight of the week was my friend’s wedding…

It was a gorgeous day. She looked so stunning and all the little design touches were so lovely.

Hopefully I’ll share some of her fab day on Wednesday but until then here’s me with the Duke!

And then Sunday… a picnic in the park. Where we got rustled by ducks who were after our veggie sausage rolls.

Hopefully this week will be just as good. How was your sunshiney May week?