Would you rather… have a sugar mouse or a chocolate chunk?

Have I mentioned how much I love sugar mice?

Well, I do. Like crazy, insanely love them.

I suspect it’s due to my mother’s very strict no sweets policy when I was a kid…

Strict except every now and then (in a blue moon) she decided to allow me either a bag of sugar letters or a sugar mouse.

(As you might guess, I have a thing for sugar letters too.)

Anyway, so when I saw a tweet by Little Doodles mentioning a sugar mouse necklace, I was sold.

And so I came across Laura Tabor’s jewellery…

Now the sugar mouse may have brought me to this collection but then I saw the gobstoppers, the cola bottles and the chocolate ring.

Oh my, I was like that big-eyed kid in the sweetie shop all over again… a rather expensive sweetie shop it has to be said!

So what’s your favourite? And why?

Are you a  chocolate girl or just a sweetie at heart?