Weddingnesday… hello lucky wedding

I’m in awe of this wedding I stumbled across here.

Seriously I think this could be my perfect wedding… well, if it hadn’t been done by someone else first!

The gorgeous bride is Eunice, one of the founders of the amazing letterpress stationers Hello Lucky.

Which explains why there’s so many gorgeous labels and paper loveliness in their pictures!

Paper fans to keep everyone cool… and a lovely keepsake too.

You wouldn’t want to open these confetti bags would you? Too lovely.

Oh my, I love this stage… and the parasols and the balloons!

Their wedding parade… amazing!

Did I use the word ‘amazing’ already? Yes? Well I have to use it again.
This looks so AMAZING. Love it!

My OH is so going to want a pudding table after seeing this!

So sweet… and again how pretty is the packaging?

What a perfect looking day…

This so intensifies my longing for an outdoorsy wedding.

Can I borrow some Californian weather next May please?

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx

All pics via marthastewartweddings