Weddingnesday… frills and flutterbys

So we got engaged last August – which seems like only yesterday – and if we’re being honest, we haven’t made much progress in our planning since then.

We have lots of ideas… about how we’d decorate ‘the place’, how we’d take photos, what songs would be playing, what our vows would be… but we’ve been struggling to decide on the big stuff, like the venue.

This is partly our own fault because we think that, since we’re not getting married until 2011, we have loads of time to make up our minds…

And partly because we’ve only found one place so far that we can actually see us being married at.

All of which was fine… until our friends who got engaged in December announced they’d chosen their date and venue the other day.

So we’re making a promise that the next free weekend we have we’re spending it looking at more venues.

Our next free weekend of course is mid-March!

Anyway, that’s enough of the practical stuff, so how about some frills and flutterbys instead? Yup, that’s much more fun!

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx

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