Friday I'm in love… with foxes

I have a bit of a thing for foxes.

I’m not sure whether it’s their bushy tails or their wily ways but they always look like they’re up to something.

There a few that live in my neighbourhood and I always get a total thrill when I see one scampering across the road – it feels a bit like seeing an animal that’s escaped from the zoo (one that can’t eat you though!).

Anyway, for today’s Friday I’m Love, I thought I’d share a few foxy finds… how gorgeous is the fox stole necklace? Think I might have to treat myself to one soon!

Happy weekend everyone xx

1. Cabin 2. sleepyking 3. magicsnowman 4. Lodge 5. bbel 6. thetimeisnow 7. foxparade 8. carolinedulko 9. mrYen