Things to make you smile

There’s not enough fun in life is there? (Especially not in January.)

A friend’s resolution for 2010 is to have more fun. I think it’s the perfect kind of resolution – none of this do better, be better, stop being worse we all beat ourselves up with – it’s a promise to yourself to get the giggles more, smile until your face hurts and laugh until you can’t remember why you were laughing.

So in honour of that resolution (and because I feel like I need reminding of the fun things in life) here’s a few things to make you smile – including some of my favourite smiley quotes.

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


1. Hopeless 2. thesmallobject 3. kristimcmurry’ 4. design sponge 5. ouma 6. Hellomarine 7. thesmallobject 8. farouche 

Smile quotes by me (well, the quotes are from but I designed them!)