It was a wild Christmas…

So it’s almost the last day of Xmas… the Christmas tree is coming down tomorrow… so what better way to cling to the festive season than by showing you one of the presents my crafty little sis and other half made for me.

I thought I’d show it in picture form, like those old Jackie magazines!

So this is me and my little sis opening our stockings from Santa (along with my other half’s knees!)

Us taking pics of everyone else opening pressies… don’t you just love my sis’s Donna Wilson scarf that Santa brought her?

Me opening my present… you may notice I am already wearing the first bit of the present – a clue!

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Me realising exactly what it is!

Trying my present on…

Just chillin’ in my Wild Things suit…

How awesome is that? Will reveal in another post just how my sis and other half made the suit – just in case you want to make one too.

It’s very cosy… perfect for wild rumpus in the snow!