It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I may have mentioned already but I’m feeling rather Christmassy this year… so I thought I would share some pics of our festive efforts before I disappear from blogland for the year.

Here’s our 7ft tree that the other half carried home himself! I’m only 5’3 so decorating was a little bit trickier this year…

Our Xmas tree

And because I’m technically about to show you the full living room, I thought I’d give you a wee reminder as to what it looked like when we first bought the place… so this is our living room in October 2008…

Original living room

And this is it December 2009…

Xmas living room

As well as putting up the decorations, we also got round to putting up some of my vintage art deco mirrors (I own over 20 of them so they’ve been piled up in the spare room for a while now). This one is perhaps the most Christmassy of them all…

Xmas deer mirror

But I also like my little cloud one’s reflection too… you can see my pile of presents I’ve been wrapping on the fireplace hearth.

cloud mirror

This is the fireplace in all it’s (rather gloomy due to my flash not working) glory… I got the Victorian mirror from a junk shop in Glasgow for £2! (Perhaps my best bargain ever!)

Also we’re loving our paper snowflakes this year… these are our smallest ones (all the others are in the hall) and they weren’t meant to go here at all… I just stuck them here originally to stop the cats from sitting on them!

Xmas fireplace

And since I haven’t shared this already… here’s the Alexander Girard UO cushion we got for our Parker Knoll. It says ‘love’ in lots of different languages.


And these are the other UO cushions my friend grabbed for me while she was in New York. I adore the Where The Wild Things Are cushion…

UO cushions

Of course, no homey post would be complete without a cat pic… and here she is… our half pedigree, half feral cat looking vaguely festive!

Xmas cat

We also sprayed some snowflakes onto the windows (told you we were feeling festive!)

Xmas window

And these little Paperchase owls are this year’s addition to our Xmas decs…

xmas owl

Of which my favourite decoration of all is our Xmas star that my little sis made for me about 12 years. It takes pride of place at the top of the tree every year.

Xmas Star

Anyway, I think that’s more than enough Xmas stuff from me… I’m going to take a wee blogging break for the holidays. So have a lovely lovely Xmas everyone and will see you all in 2010 if not before!

Merry Xmas! xx