Friday I'm in love… with Edinburgh

The interesting thing about blogging (and one I never expected it) is how aware it makes you of where you are from. Most days we all live our lives hardly noticing the city/town/place we live in – and only really notice how interesting it is when we have to show someone else round or we’ve been away for a while.

So for today’s Friday I’m in love, I thought I would celebrate the city I now call home… and take you on a tour of Edinburgh courtesy of the brilliant M. Sasek.

The steps leading to the train station are known for being very windy on a blustery day!

This the view from the Mound… I live somewhere in the distance!

Scottish grey rain clouds gather over the Castle… even on a sunny day!

One of my fav streets for shopping as it has The Red Door Gallery and Totty Rocks on it. The lovely Godiva is nearby too.

I adore the Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo… every day the penguins come out for a walk (if they fancy it) and waddle about, quite the thing, getting their pictures taken. Some of them are so cheeky!

This is the gardens that I live minutes from… me and the OH like to pretend its our garden. It’s got the fattest pigeons I’ve ever seen.

This is harbour that I see every morning on my walk/drive to work… except those men aren’t standing there!

Hope you enjoyed your Edinburgh trip… for once it didn’t rain!

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are x

P.S. I’ve also added a new links section called ‘Why Scotland rocks’. I’ll be adding to it as I go so feel free to drop me a line if there’s someone you think I’ve missed or would suggest adding.