Crazy about charity shop china

I may have mentioned once or twice my love of charity shops… but being me I hardly ever get round to sharing my finds. (Partly because I tend to write this blog late at night and that doesn’t work so well with taking pics.) However I had a bit of free time on Saturday and a charged camera so finally I can share some of my thrifting.

First up I thought I would show you some of my charity shop china.

This is something I can’t help but hunt for in charity shops and the other half has dragged me away from many a tea set pointing out that we already have more plates, tea cups and saucers than we can ever use.

Anyway here’s a few of my favourites… Hope you like them.

1. Yellow dinner set
This set called to me from the window… it’s yellowy, with that gorgeous green colour and golden gilt, and the pretty flowers inside. The only problem was that there’s a lot of it – and I had no idea how to get it all home. (I only took a pics of a few pieces but there’s cups, plates, bowls, saucers, side plates, soup bowls and two gravy/milk jugs.) Thankfully, every single piece made it home in, eh, one piece.

2. Blue gravy boat
I’m a sucker for that gilt edge it has to be said… and I loved the shape of this one. Plus it cost 20p. You can’t really argue with that.

3. Golden teapot
My little sis found this teapot… and I use this pretty much every day. I love it and swear that it makes better tea than my other teapots.

4. Indian Tree plates and others
In one of my favourite charity shops (they play 1950s music and have cute chairs for the old dears to sit on when they get tired while browsing) I found a huge collection of Indian Tree china. So huge in fact that it made 1 1/2 dinner sets. I love that although it’s all the same design, the pattern is slightly different depending on the maker. We discovered recently that the other half’s Gran has exactly the same china.

5. My favourite bowls ever
I adore these bowls. I really do. They are my favourite china find ever. I wish they’d had more than two – but it’s certainly better than having none.