Friday I'm in love… with grey


It has to be said I adore grey. We recently painted our living room floorboards a gorgeous dark ‘anthracite’ colour and I couldn’t stop staring at them afterwards and going ‘oooh’.

We’ve already got grey walls in our bedroom to offset our Orla Keily wallpaper, almost purpley grey walls in the living room,  a so-dark-grey-it’s-almost-black in the spare room and near black walls in the hall. And I just want to keep going… especially with the floor paint. (It really has made  a huge difference… will hopefully take some pics soon to share. I know I’m bad at doing that!)

The surprising thing is that I had no intention for this to be a ‘grey’ flat.

After having lived in a basement flat that had almost natural light and was painted white to compensate for it, I was determined this flat was going to bright and light and colourful.

But I hadn’t reckoned on two things…

• the fact that our new place gets lots and lots of light (so we never have to worry about it being bright, it does that all on its own)
• and that when you have lots of colourful things (as we do) you need a background that’ll make them ‘pop’

Anyway, when I saw this sign in a shop window in Islington when I was last down in London and I thought it was a perfect answer to why you end up living in a grey world.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be spending it going out to my favourite veggie restaurant (an engagement treat from friends), meeting a friend who’s up from London for an early birthday celebration, hopefully heading to craft market Marche Marche… and of course having a paint brush and a pot of grey paint in either hand (I might even do some painting with them!). xx