Weddingnesday… rings and things


So as of last week, I have two engagement rings… I have my original perspex ring and a second, more permanent one. Initially I wasn’t that keen on getting a ‘replacement’ ring. I love the ring the other half picked for me and I didn’t want to ruin the specialness of it (gosh that sounds sappy!) by choosing something else. However the other half insisted that he wanted to get me something… and after the day in which we ‘lost’ the engagement ring I ended up agreeing. (We never actually lost the ring… just put it down on a patterned placemat which turned it virtually invisible!)

Anyway, my hunt for a replacement ring wasn’t really that extensive… I looked at Tales of a Junkaholic‘s RUST rings and the ring that Meg Gets Crafty suggested… all of which were gorgeous but didn’t feel like they were related to my original ring.

So I decided to try and find one that was similar but in metal… and came across this diamond ring by Mia van Beek.


Now it is a similar shape but a very very very different price to my original… and we started to debate that if we/he was going to spend that kind of money surely it should be something I really really loved… Which just about brought me back full circle to ‘do I need one at all?’

Then I came across this ring by Jeweller on the Roof and thought ooooh this is pretty…


But it still didn’t really seem ‘right’. And then, via the magic of google, I came across the maker of my perspex ring… and discovered that they would custom make my ring in gold. So here it is…


(You’re also getting a sneak peek of one of our reupholstery projects there too!) We both really like the gold version but we have been saying the perspex one is still our favourite… I guess we’re like kids who prefer the box to the toy!

And now for the ‘things’ of this post… did you see Anna Friel in her vintage wedding dress? Ok, she was wearing it on a night out but how amazing does she look?


It made me think of this wedding dress I spotted over on Etsy from Miss Bombshell


So pretty but do you think you could still dance in a dress like this?

And talking of dancing… have you seen this wedding entrance video? A friend sent it to me the other day and it almost made me wish we did want a church wedding. How much would you be laughing if you were one of their guests? Brilliant. We might have to work on our dance skills if we wanted to do something like this! 😉


Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx

Anna Friel pic via Daily Mail