Friday I'm in love… with polaroids


Ever since I got my iphone and discovered the Polarize application, I’ve been in love again with Polaroids. There’s just something about them that makes them look so dreamy, so summery and so nostalgic – even if you only took them half an hour ago.

Now all this new fangled polarizing is making me think I should really dig out my old Polaroid camera and see if I can track down some film for it. (It’s not an old, old one but one from 1999… though I guess to some of you that’s really old!) There is part of me that’s thinking ‘oh no, you won’t be able to edit out the bad pics’ but then the rest of me is going ‘yay, no more every-flaw-showing-digital’. That and I think people always pull a better expression for a Polaroid camera 🙂

I know I’m not alone in this Polaroid loving so I thought for today’s Friday I’m in love I would share some stuff by people who love Polaroid as much as I do if not more! (P.S. How cute is the Polaroid heart? Such a cute idea.)

1. I Heart Polaroid necklace by Plastic Bat from Hannah Zakari
Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on a tiny Polaroid and hang it round your neck? (Answers on a Polaroid postcard please.)


2. Good Time Ring by Yellow Goat
I love this idea – a custom-made ring with a mini Polaroid pic of your choice. The only problem I forsee is actually deciding what photo you want (I imagine this might be easier for people with kids or people who really really really love their pets!).


3. In Loving Memory Brooches from Helpless Romantic
Did you shed a tear the day the Polaroid died? Helpless Romantic did apparently and then they made this tear ring and these cute little brooches. (I now have ‘American Pie’ stuck in my head. Stupid brain.)


4. Polaroid Postcard from Tea for Joy’s papermash
Do you love anyone enough to send them a Polaroid postcard? (You can count yourself too you know!)


5. Ceramic Polaroid via SwissMiss
This makes me think of those carved headstones you get in graveyards (sorry that wasn’t a very Friday thought was it?). This could be your daily reminder of how much you need a Polaroid camera in your life or you could just use it as a paperweight – your call.



On a slightly unrelated note (but I’ve put them in Polaroid-style pics so it counts right?) I got a rather lovely package in the mail the other day…


It was from the lovely Nath from La Petit Oiseau. I’d decided to use some of our engagement money to buy something I’ve had my eye on for a while… Nath’s Ziggy Stardust plate. (Ok, she didn’t call it that I did!) It’s so pretty and very cool, and I’m so not doing it justice with my iphone pics… if only I had some Polaroid camera film. (See there was a proper link in the end!)


P.S. Are you a Polaroid fan or a digital gal (or boy)?

P.P.S. Happy Friday… Hope you have a lovely weekend x

First pic via Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh