Weddingnesday… all the fun of a fair


Back before we were engaged, one of the things I had said (more jokingly than anything) was that I could see us doing was something silly like having a fair instead of a wedding. This idea has kind of stuck with us (my little sis is obsessed with the idea of us getting married on a carousel) so I when I stumbled across these engagement photos (does anyone do these in the UK?), I had to share them…


(Don’t you love her dress? I so want it!)


Then I spotted this couple’s 1920s themed wedding which involves a ferris wheel…


Which is great… but not really very Scottish when you think about it. However, we still like the idea of striped stalls, mini candy floss and coconut shys… Or maybe we’ve just gone a little coco-loco!

The other weddingy thing we talked about this week (in fact, this was our main topic) was my engagement ring… On the other half’s insistence I’ve been looking for a more ‘permanent’ one and so far I’ve found lots of rings that were really lovely but didn’t seem right… However we have stumbled across something that suits us both that we’re both really happy with. The other says I’m not allowed to share it though until he buys it for me!

Happy weddingnesday everyone xx

P.S. On a little aside just in case you’ve noticed it, I’ve set up a Weddingnesday blog… now don’t worry (if you would!) I’m not chucking in Conversation Pieces, this new blog is just so I can group together all the weddingy posts I put up here. I’m more a wordpress girl than a blogspot one so it’s currently pretty rough round the edges. Feel free to have a look but it’s exactly the same babble just on a different site 😉

1. Love is in the Air by irenesuchocki
2. Engagement pics via Snippet & Ink
3. 1930s wedding pics via Project Wedding