Friday I'm in love… with the unexpected

It’s been a rather unexpected week. It started out so so happily (as you may have noticed!), then went a bit crappy (a close relative managed to be not so nice about my lovely engagement and other half) and then it got good again as the people who do actually love me rallied round and showed how much they care – with a pizza muffin, some parsnip cake and yellow lilies! (Pizza muffins may be my new favourite snack!)

Anyway, in place of having a random rant (which Wednesday and yesterday I was so tempted to do), I’ve decided to share some very lovely unexpected things that also make me smile. I hope they make you smile too.

1. White Rabbit Lamp from Caravan
It’s a bunny and it’s a light… random, yes, but also rather delightful in an Alice and Wonderland kind of way. (The other half thinks it’s a tiny bit creepy though…)


2. Butterflies in the Stomach Necklace from Tilly Bloom
If only being nervous was this pretty…


3. Gather (Square Moss Ring) from Adorn Jewellery
I’ve never had a ring that needed watering and pruning… I’ve also never had much luck with growing things but surely I could manage a ring’s worth?


4. Ninja vs Pirate Mobile from Salty and Sweet
Ah the age old question who is better… ninjas or pirates? For a very cool baby indeed (though don’t be surprised if they grow up to want to be a pirate or ninja!)


5. Le Petit Dej’ Breakfast Tray from
Just because…


6. Ears Cup with Saucer from
Exactly the kind of cup you need for a girlie catch-up perhaps?


7. LightBulb Candle from
Love this idea… a lightbulb candle you can ‘plug’ into a lampbase I’m thinking you’d never be able to use lampbase again but maybe it would be good for old vintage ones that are too dodgy to rewire (that’s if you can bare to get them covered in wax)?


8. Clutch Light by Scott Jarvie
How fab is this light made of straws? (Yes straws!) So pretty – whether it’s on or off.



P.S. Have a lovely weekend everyone xx

P.P.S. This is what my pizza muffin looked like…


5, 6, 7 and 8 found via Point Click Home