Friday I'm in love… with all the possibilities!

It’s strange how one question can open up a whole world of other questions… And here’s the thing – I know almost nothing about weddings! Sure I know there’s a bride, groom, guests etc but I have no idea how you go about having one. Thankfully everyone else I know who’s engaged says they feel like they know nothing either so I’m not the only one.

So for this Friday, I thought I would share a few of the (very random) things me and the other half have discussed. At the moment, all we know is that we want to have a wedding that’s different – fun, informal and very us – but in what shape or form that will be we have no idea. But I like that. I like that we have no definite theories… because currently anything is possible and we can dream big (without even thinking about the budget for the moment!)

Anyway, here’s some possibilities…












P.S. Don’t you just love how happy all these people look? Makes me go awww!

P.P.S. I can so start to see a theme in the pics I’ve picked! (At least in the length of the wedding dresses anyway!!) Anyone know of any other weddingy blogs that are good for my ‘research’?

All pics via A Cup of Jo and Smitten, except photo 6 which is via Ali Blair’s blog.