The engagement treasure hunt


On Friday night, the other half got me to pack a weekend bag. He then called a taxi and within half an hour we were on the overnight sleeper train to London.

At this point I had no idea what was going on as he’d told me he was taking me somewhere I hadn’t been before. He then explained yes we were going to London but that he had a list of places (that I was allowed to google one at a time) that I’d never been to in London – either ones I’d mentioned wanting to go to or places he’d found that he thought I would like.

So my googling led me to a gorgeous French patisserie for breakfast, then to The Peanut Vendor for some mid-century furniture hunting (regular readers may remember I really wanted to go there last time I was in London but ran out of time), to an exhibition, to St Paul’s Cathedral (to feed the birds!), to a very posh Japanese-style hotel… and then to see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre.


(I first saw Wicked in New York about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it – I’ve even been Elphaba at Halloween – so the other half thought it would be a guaranteed hit.) After all this, he took me out for dim sum (my favourite) and I must admit I was beginning to feel a bit freaked as to what I had done to deserve all this!

Then on Sunday morning, he said I had two locations left to google… one of which turned out to be the Cupcake Emporium.


There was no-one else in the place so the other half (who had been planning to propose at the last location) decided this would make a better place to pop the question… and one Red Velvet cupcake later I was a future Mrs! (We were both shaking and grinning so much that we nearly couldn’t eat our cupcakes!)


The last location turned out to be London Zoo. (If you know us, then you’ll know how our relationship seems to have been punctuated with trips to zoos and aquariums! So it’s amazing that I’d never made it to London Zoo before!) So we spent the rest of the day here, taking pictures of otters, meerkats and monkeys (and the carousel!), phoning our friends and family… and generally pointing out how much the other was grinning. (We both had such sore cheeks by the end of the day!)



Then we went out for some dinner and celebratory fizz, before heading to catch the sleeper home.

And for the final detail… the ring. After much wrangling, the other half decided that I would probably lose the plot if he spent lots of money on a ring before we even have a kitchen. (He knows me too well!) So until we get a kitchen, I have a perspex diamond ring and after that I get to choose whatever I would like. (Except I have no clue what that would be! So any suggestions welcome!!)