Feeling festive?

It’s August in Edinburgh which can only mean one thing… that there are not enough hours in the day. Yup, this is the time of year when it seems like the whole world descends on Edinburgh (more specifically on Princess Street and the Royal Mile) and seems to just loiter there… It can only be Festival time.UB 08 054

Which is half great and half annoying. You see it becomes impossible to get anything done in August when you live in this city. Bus and car journeys now take at least 20 mins longer than they should, you can’t get in to any restaurants or cafes without queueing for an inordinate amount of time, and you feel a sudden need to stay out until 5.30am just because the clubs are open until then.

Which is as I said great but also annoying… partly because every year you convince yourself that it’s not going to be like the year before. You are going to make wiser choices about what shows you see – either see someone you know you will love or see some random whose ticket price is less than £5 (everybody wins that way). You’re not going to go out, see 5 shows in one night (meaning they all blur into one… especially if you go to the one that only starts at midnight) and spend more money than you do at Christmas.

Except you do. Or I do. And I really should know better… not only because I’m saving for a kitchen (and meant to be finishing my bathroom!) but because I used to work at the Festival (both behind the scenes and as a reviewer). But hey isn’t this what life is all about… learning lessons just so you can forget them and learn them all over again?

Anyway, you’re probably wondering where on earth this random rant of sorts is going (I’m blaming Dylan Moran for this outburst as I just left his show… and he was very shouty)… Basically it’s my rather long-winded way of explaining that I’m posting on some random things below because I’m too festivaled out to finish any of the posts I’ve been meaning to post. So here is some random lovely things I’ve bookmarked recently (or recently-ish) they have no theme other than their general niceness… I suspect all my August posts might be more of the same!

1. Print via Kick Can and Conkers
Has it been raining every day where you are? It’s driving me nuts as copious amounts of rain plus riding home on a bicycle do not make a good combo. My poor bike has spent many a night at my office because the weather has been so crud lately. Don’t you just love the expression on the cloud’s face here?


2. Kid’s wallpaper via A Cup of Jo
It’s my little sis’s birthday next month so I get to do our annual mad September trip down to London… amongst other things it involves not sleeping and always walking further than you meant to. Whenever I’m in London there seems to be a lot less buses and taxis involved than there are in this cute wallpaper!


3. 50s kitchen cabinet via My Black Book
So we’ve painted the bathroom (one coat so far) and still have some tiling and wallpapering to do but we’re not far off being finished, so naturally our thoughts have turned to our next project: gettting a kitchen. I can honestly say that if I managed to acquire this 50s cabinet I would happily design my whole kitchen around it. Why is it just so darn oooh? (The other half even likes it as he thinks it looks like a kitchen transformer!)


4. Christine Martinez of Lama design‘s home via Milk Tooth’s Rain
Talking of oooh, how gorgeous is this lamp? I mean seriously it’s so beautiful. And so yellow.


In fact, a lot of Christine Martinez’s home is pretty yellow…


And of course only the coolest people have a yellow bed…


Anyway, that’s enough randomness from me for one day. I’m off to my yellow bed. Only 4 more working day until I’m on holiday, which means I’ll be doing even more festivally stuff! Yup, no lessons learned here!