A little reminder… or two


I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this last week – just letting all the renovation/money-stress/work/no-bathroom/not-a-moment-to-ourselves stuff get on top of me, which I really should know better than by now.

So I’m totally appreciating Sparkle Power‘s work today – her ‘everything is going to be alright’ print reminds me of when I first saw the infamous ‘Keep Calm’ poster. What is it about this kind of sentiment that’s just so damn reassuring?

I’m also adoring her ‘La La Love You’ print – which is reminding me to stop taking stuff so seriously. (And it’s yellow too which I feel there hasn’t been enough of in my life lately.)


As for her range of bunting, I so heart both of these – and the second pic is ultra adorable.



Anyway, in amidst all this ‘la la la-ing’ I’ve decided (in place of a proper vacation) to take a wee blogcation until this round of renovation is done and I’m back to my usual self. (Knowing me I’ll probably be back sooner than I think!)

Don’t have too much fun without me 😉 x

P.S. Thanks to the lovely Shallow Mallow for the Lemonade Award. You’ve made me want a Dip Dab too!