Friday I'm in love… with cool crockery

I used to be a plain plate girl. I had the same grey Ikea set for years – it wasn’t pretty but it did the job. And then a few years back I decided that just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. So I gave away all our old crockery to charity (Mary Queen of Shops would probably not approve of that!) and started buying vintage china and the Habitat ones with horses on them. We now have a ridiculous amount of old plates and bowls – which I will take pics of when the flat is less chaotic – but they really do make meal times so much nicer and always put a smile on my face. So I thought in place of sharing my own, I would share some of my favourite crockery I’ve come across recently…

1. Chequer Street Tea Set from Esther Coombs
I love combination of colours in this lovely set. Esther also makes the most gorgeous cake stands which I posted on ages ago.


2. Bronze doily plates from Mud Puppy
These make me smile – and I like to pretend that I could do something similar if I could bare to drawn on any of my china!


3.Take Out from Lorena Barrezueta
I’m a bit of a sucker for ceramic versions of throw away things – like milk cartons – so I’m fan of these especially as they come in bright colours.


4. Alpha Plate from May Luk
I love this so much – how can something with an alphabet be so sophisticated?


5. Trouble Maker from Trixie Delicious
I adore Trixie Delicious’ vandalised vintage – this is one of her cleaner pieces!


Would it be wrong to put your dinner on a plate that has a biscuit on it? Just one of the very deep questions I ponder sometimes…


7. Pretty plates by Le Petit Oiseau
Aren’t these so pretty? I’m in love with the first one – for some reason it makes me think of Ziggy Stardust! Le Petit Oiseau doesn’t sell them yet but I think she should.


P.S. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend – I’m off to 2 barbeques… and Ikea and a tile shop! I lead such an exciting life! So so so looking forward to the bathroom being finished next week 😀