You're all very lovely…


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It’s a Monday so what better way to start the day than by giving out some awards! The very lovely Pretty Pollys Pretty Things gave me these lovely blog awards recently… (If you haven’t checked out their blog, do… they really are the cutest… I so wish I’d been as talented and as cool at their age!)


And I’m passing them on to some of my new blog finds… For different reasons you all fill my days with a little bit of sunshine and make me very happy that I discovered the world of blogging…

Le Petit Oiseau
Girl With A Golden Touch
Bliss In A Teacup
Fat Mum Slim
Yellow Goat
Droll Girl

And as if that wasn’t enough awards… the very lovely (and very stylish) Eden Rose awarded me this rather pink ‘blog lovin award’ too (even though she’s been feeling fluey – how generous is that? I would so just be hiding under a duvet!)…


Which I’m passing on to the following blogs I love (you guys also make me all sunshine-y!)

She Can’t Decide
Milk Tooth’s Rain
Our Little Love Nest
Tales of a Junkaholic

Feel free to pass your awards on to blogs you love x