A girl can never have too many cushions

Is that true? I’m sure there might be a limit to how many you can have – perhaps when you can’t get onto your sofa as it’s got too many cushions on it? Regardless I’m having a bit of ‘I need new cushions’ moment (too much time spent on the sofa playing PS3 has led me to doubt the cushiness of some of our cushions). So I was thinking of trading our old Ikea cushions for some nicer, better quality ones. These are my current favourites… they might be too good for leaning on while playing Big Little Planet though!

1. Vintage Union Jack Cushion from CushLab

117702_vintage union jack cushion

2. Love Cushion from CushLab

153718_felt LOVE cushion

3. Love Tattoo Cushion from Rockett St George


4. British Isles Cushion from Plumo


5. Bulldog Cushion from Graham and Green

6. Donna Wilson Fox Cushion from Thorsten Van Elten