Friday I'm in love… with cross-stitch


Aren’t samplers brilliant? That’s so a sentence I never thought I would type. I’ve only ever made one sampler in my life – and I think it was of a ginger cat when I was about five.

But recently I’ve been thinking that I would like to relearn to sew (if you saw this morning’s previous post you’ll know why I need to relearn!) and it was partly inspired by buying this ‘bless’ sampler from a Edinburgh charity shop.

And since I bought it I’ve suddenly become aware of how many very cool modern samplers there are out there (mine says ’43 on the bottom which we think might the year it was made? Not sure if that makes it older or younger than RayB’s great, great, great cousin’s ABC sampler)…

1. Mini Samplers by Lupin

These are so sweet – my favourite is I love tea though I’m bit of a book nerd too!


2. Funky Samplers by Miso Funky

These make me laugh so much (along with her Weak Tea one)… I love the contrast of the genteel cross-stitch and the cussing!



3. Cross-Stitch Anchor Necklace from Hannah Zakari


4. Lightning and Rain Cloud Badges from MaMagasi


5. Lemonade magnet from Defiant Damsel

I love this little lemonade guy – though I have to say I would worry if my lemonade was this colour!


6. Minipop Sampler by rubykhan

This is so amazing… and really does put to shame my complete lack of sewing skills.