Friday I'm in love… with the circus

Now in real life I’ve always been a little scared of the circus – or certainly the type of circuses that came to my home town when I was growing up. (I also have a vaguely pathological fear of clowns thanks to Stephen King’s IT.) But something with circus-style type on it? Well that’s another matter all together. This time, the circus is back in town in style!

1. Alphabetti badges from Glasgow-based Showpony

These badges are great – and what’s even better is that you can get any letters you want, so can make your name, someone else’s name or anything really. How about “I’m running away to join the circus”? (You’ll need big lapels to fit that on!)


2. Emily Peacock’s Tapestry Hug & Kiss Kits from Rocket St George

Love the idea behind these – you’re not buying a cushion, you’re buying all the bits and pieces to make a cushion! Ok, that might be a bit much work for some, or if you’re super-crafty you could probably make your own, but there’s something about this that really appeals to me. Time to unpack my sewing kits methinks!


3. Framed ‘FUN’ print from Pedlars (also based in Scotland)

This print is, well, just darn fun. And you can’t really argue with the sentiment 😉


4. Circus print from Wilkintie

One of these things is different from the other, one of these things is not quite the same… yup this 4th circus related item doesn’t really fit with the rest but it reminded me of Monsters Inc and I love the ‘sentimental crocodile’ too.


5. Keep It Simple from Keep Calm Gallery

Another instructional circus font print (gosh, that’s a mouthful!) this time about keeping things simple… or is it?


6. Popcorn bags from Hey YoYo

Ok, so I actually a little scared of this shop’s header (it has a clown on it) but otherwise I think these popcorn bags rock… they would certainly make your homemade popcorn feel more authentic.


7. Happily Ever Ticket from a favorite

If only getting a ticket to Happily Ever was this easily… Now this is meant to be for newlyweds but why should they get all the Happily Ever Afters? I think we all deserve that whether we’re single, married or undecided. (Ok that went off the circus theme slightly but it did make me think of an old circus ticket!)


Have a happily ever after weekend everyone xx