Confessions of a magazine addict

Here’s a confession. I’m totally and utterly addicted to magazines. About a year ago I was subscribed to: Elle Decoration, Living Etc, Marie Claire, New Woman and Glamour – and I would still buy more magazines on top of that.

I think my addiction has two roots causes. One I am an ardent reader and always have been. I read everything from literaure to the back of the cereal boxes (a byproduct of being a copywriter is that I’m obsessed with packaging!). And magazines give me that quick inbetween fix… I can read a magazine while watching TV, eating my dinner and chatting to the other half all at once. I have tried doing this with a novel but it gets a bit messy in many respects.

The second reason – and this is the one that I think is most ingrained – is that my mother bought me magazines when I was little as a treat. As she was an 80s aerobics teacher, I wasn’t allowed sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks. (Looking back it might explain why I was a pretty healthy kid.) Instead I was allowed a magazine every now and then – usually Twinkle in the early days.


I dread to think how many magazines I have bought since then. And with the new flat budget, I’m trying to be thriftier and save more money – so I’m trying to cut back. Not on Elle Decoration and Living Etc (they are currently important reference materials!) but on Heat, Grazia etc which I read in about 5 minutes anyway. (They’re a bit like the takeaways of the magazine world – fun at the time but you feel a bit sick as soon as you’ve finished.)

To help me in my aim, I have two allies – the free magazines at work (Creative Review etc) and online magazines. If I haven’t mentioned it before – I love NEET.


It started off in December 2005 and I’ve not missed an issue since. It really is a great UK-based magazine that helps profile the talents of lots of creative and crafty people. The only downside is that it may be free but it will make you want to buy things!

I’ve also just discovered (thanks to Decor 8 again) ANTLER magazine. They are “an online magazine which focuses on composing a collection of beautiful, inspiring ideas and designs from all aspects of life.” They’re only on their second issue but so far so good. 


So if you know of any other fab online mags please let me know – it’ll help me stay away from the evils of Heat, Grazia, Glamour etc!