Before, After and During

So by Tuesday we should have finally finished painting. In the last 3 weeks, the wood chip wallpaper (yuck!) has been scraped off, walls fixed, sanded and lined, woodwork undercoated… and now we’re on the final stage of glossing the wood and painting the walls. So far the kitchen and the hall is pretty much done, the spare room and living room are nearly there and the bedroom is getting started tomorrow. Phew! All this means that very soon I’ll be able to re-start painting chairs, tables etc etc and be able to start putting up some before and afters of my makeovers.

One of the things I wanted to do first is revamp an Ikea table we bought at bargain basement price. It’s a nice shape but it needs a bit of funking up – so I think the plan is to keep the top white and paint the base red. However I came across newlyweds kc and sara giessen’s before and after table (actually a very similar table to ours) on Design Sponge – and I’m half tempted to do something similar. Great idea guys!