Bunnies, cupcakes and beards… it must be Easter in London

So all the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry… which is a rather Burns-ish way of saying that my trip to London ended up being a bit more random than I thought it would be.


I never made it to the Peanut Vendor or Alfie’s Antiques, and while I did make it to the V&A Museum – I went to see an exhibit on theatre and performance rather than the Hats Anthology. But all’s well that ends well as they say. I did discover Magma (both the book shop and the lifestyle version) which I loved – and in honour of the current beard obsession, check out the pics of me and my sis wearing beards from Magma. (I’m the one laughing so much my eyes are pretty much closed – it’s so not a good look on me!)


As well as trying on beards, we also invested in some Easter cupcakes from Candy Cakes… they were wrong but very right at the same time!



We also went to see Dido: Queen of Carthage at the National Theatre (very good), ate dim sum at Ping Pong (oh how I love dim sum!) and as always had a nose around Spitalfields. I also found the most disturbed looking Easter chickee in a branch of Cath Kidson – and he became our little trip’s mascot. In the first pic, he’s hanging out at Apostrophe (which does great porridge) and in the other he’s in a Ghostbusters house we found in Holborn!



As I said it really was a random trip…

Hope you all had a good Easter x