Mine's a veggie breakfast

Last night the other half and I had a full cooked veggie breakfast for dinner. Poached egg, veggie sausages, beans, irish farls, portobello mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and veggie bacon (or fakecon as we call it). All of which is pretty impressive when you realise we’re still without a kitchen.

At the moment, we’re waiting (and waiting) on the council to approve our building warrant to put one in (there wasn’t really one here when we moved in… just a very scary kitchenette thing… one day I’ll show you some pics!). So we’re still making do with a large George Foreman (you have to love the George!) and a mini-oven (which I call Becky Bakes for some reason…) So it all seems a long while off before I’ll be able to buy myself one of these cool kitsch-en tea towels or mugs by MrPS.

I’d be buying the veggie one of course…